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Sumatran tigers are pictured before the play with leftover Christmas trees in the Tierpark Zoo in Berlin Reuters - A rare Sumatran 33 year old female kolb Topeka Kansas area attacked a woman working at the Topeka Zoo in Kansas on Saturday in an incident witnessed by several visitors, an official said.

The zoo keeper was alert and awake when she was rushed to a hospital, where she was listed in stable condition, City of Topeka spokeswoman Molly Hadfield said by phone. Related slideshow: To raise awareness about their conservation, July 29 is celebrated as International Tiger Day.

Here's a look at some interesting facts about this majestic animal. According to the World Wildlife Fund, as of Januarythere are 3, tigers left in the wild. Sundarbans, a large mangrove forest area between India and Bangladesh, has one Tpoeka the highest tiger population in the world.

They are one of the most endangered species, as three out of nine subspecies are already extinct. Apart from the three, the South China yezr is also extinct in the wild with no recent spotting.

They are categorized as critically endangered in captivity.

Femalee last years, 96 percent of wild tigers have been lost. Fossil remains found in China show that these Kanaas felines have been around for more than two million years. They are the largest wild cats in the world and can measure 33 year old female kolb Topeka Kansas area to The big cat has a life span of about 20 to 26 yeae in captivity. However, mortality is an issue in the wild with the animals living only up to years. 33 year old female kolb Topeka Kansas area tigers, one of the largest subspecies, have thicker coats and paler hues.

Their stripes have less defined outlines that are dark brown in color. They generally have yellow eyes, but white tigers mostly have blue ones and are cross-eyed due to the gene responsible for their white fur.

The magnificent animal has a large brain that weighs about 9. Their short-term memory lasts 30 seconds more than humans.

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Apart from being patient hunters, tigers are known to be quite clever. They sometimes even imitate the call of other animals to lure their prey.

Due to a retinal adaptation, tigers have night vision six times better than that of humans. The number of cells responsible for better visuals rods exceed the ones that help in color vision conesletting the animals better detect prey movement at night. In the silence Wichita women nude the night, their roar can be heard up to 1. They are usually solitary animals and can travel miles in search of food Topek their territory.


They mark their territory with scratch marks on tree trunks or by urinating. They are good swimmers and can carry their prey into the water. They also like to cool off in lakes, ponds and rivers during summers. A lot of Topekka time and effort goes in hunting, since only about 10 per cent Mature lady avondale their hunts end successfully.

The apex predator primarily hunts large mammals such as buffalo, deer, antelope and wild pigs. An adult can go without eating for up to two weeks. And that is why it can eat over 88 pounds 40 kg of meat at one go.

FHSU grad thinks of, thanks former Hays Master Teacher Emma Kolb

If several of them are present at a kill, the males will allow the females and cubs to eat first and then share the leftovers 3 unlike lions.

The tigress has a gestation period that usually lasts anywhere between 93 to days. After which two to seven cubs are born.

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Cubs are blind for the first week after their birth, and often only half of the litter survives due to predation, starvation and accidents. They join their mothers during hunting when they are three to six months old and they start hunting independently when they turn two.

received their 70 year pins at the September union meeting. See page 17 for Kolbinsky, based in. Cincinnati, has . ing woman who believes in the Tom Burroughs. Valdenia C. Winn. Broderick Henderson. 36 county metro area as well as Topeka, St. Joe and .. See old friends and fellow. and working in the education department in the state capital in Topeka. I looked for it in my old college year books, but she was not a regular Based on my description, the woman said, “I believe you are describing Emma Kolb. later , taught at Lincoln Elementary School in Hays, Kansas for 33 years. Department, Washburn University, Topeka, KS, for statistical help. A considerably .. her thirty-four-year-old son "was still four years old" (Kolb , ).

The zoo was closed for 45 minutes and its six tigers, including the 7-year-old Sanjiv, were placed in a holding pen after the attack.

The incident was under investigation but zoo officials did not plan any repercussions for Sanjiv. Sumatran tigers are critically endangered, with fewer than living in the wild, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Sanjiv came to the Topeka Zoo in from a zoo in Akron, Ohio.

Four of Sanjiv's cubs are on display at the Topeka Zoo. Related slideshow - Big cats: Things to know about tigers Provided by Photo Services. Full Screen.

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Tigers, the largest of the cat species, have lost a whopping 93 percent of their natural habitat hear to human activities. They can starve quickly because of their mammoth size. They disinfect their wounds by licking, as their saliva has antiseptic properties.

Cougar In Montana, U. Canada lynx In Northern Ontario, Canada.

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Canada lynx In Colorado, U. Ocelot In the Brazilian rain forest. Jaguar In the Pantanal region of Brazil.

Puma In Montana, U. Amur leopard In the Russian Far East. Snow leopard At the zoo in Wuppertal, Germany.

33 year old female kolb Topeka Kansas area I Am Search Man

Royal Bengal tiger In the wild. Puma In the wild. Black panther In the wild.

Snow leopard In the wild. Read more. Did you find the story interesting? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories.

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