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This paper seeks to examine the role of national private television in Indonesia Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings literature studies on media studies. From the review results of existing literatures added with authors experiences and empirical observation, it can be inferred that the power of capital owners within Indonesias Sumatea industry is still dominant.

The process of producing TV programs and journalistic works on private television network is still filled with the struggle in the news room among capital owners. Consequently, the publics rights to public frequency are subject to be neglected. The ethnic group in Medan city has played an important role to participate in the formation of support groups.

The shift from social group concentration to Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings world of electoral politics gives jn new nuance for us to understand the existence of ethnic groups in the life of democracy at the local level which in some cases leads to ethnic conflict in the elections.

This study aims to explore the pattern of harmony communication relationships between ethnic groups supporting contestants in the election of regional heads in the city of Medan in This study used a qualitative approach with descriptive method of case study type.

Result data through study, library study and documentation. The results of this study review the shift of topics that originally acted in the field of social and then move more broadly into the field of politics in the political practice they apply still uphold the social values contained in the culture of each ethnic through various interactions that promote harmony communications.

Hasan Independet, MA. This research reveals how the role of ulama Pesantren Jabal Rahma in communicating the development of related religious development sector in advancing education, Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings the community in the district of South Aceh. Strengthening is done by Ulama through two approaches, cultural approach and structural approach.

Cultural pendektan by optimizing the potential of social capital and local wisdom of datinfs communities. Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings approach through communication system built by Islamic boarding scholars with the government. This research uses an analytical descriptive approach with qualitative method approach, To further complement the data to be more comprehensive on some characteristics quantified statistical perspective. The results showed that the optimization of social capital and local wisdom conducted by ulama pondok pesantren is maximal.

However, the contribution of the government, built in the religious development communication system conducted by scholars of Islamic boarding schools tupoksi in structural institutions of South Aceh Regency government has not been maximized, one of the Sex with a Tucson lady factors is the existence of sectoral ego in the system Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings religious development communication undertaken by the government in empowering clerics boarding school in the sector of development in the field of education.

Nursapia Harahap. The stt aims to reveal how the form of interaction conducted husband and wife on society stem angkola in cultural studies in southern Tapanuli and Sexy women wants casual sex Southampton of communication wife to husband of gender equality in society Batang angkola.

Research trying to analyze how the local wisdom about the interaction between men and women in home life stairs. This research was conducted by qualitative descriptive approach.

Data collection techniques used were interviews and in-depth observations Utra informants taken with purposive techniques.

The results showed that the interaction between men and women in marital life did not indicate gender equality. In married life the husband always shows the central ego to his partner but there is a paradox value of the value of local wisdom when it is associated with the issue of the fulfillment of family economic needs in the burden to the household women without considering whether it will disrupt household harmony.

Anang Anas Azhar, M. A, Dr. Ahmad Tamrin Sikumbang, M. Parrty or not it is realized, the image politics become a pragmentation that often participates in political parties participating in the election.

The pragmentation strengthened with the changing face of Indonesian politics to the multi-party political system. In the midst of a society that still adheres to its knowledge patry the old party, emerging new parties seek to achieve community sympathy by building an image politics so that they can be well-received by society.

The new parties are no exception to Islamic-based political parties, displaying a wide range of faces, whose impression is a positive catalyst Russian pussy 98532 Trevi girls xxx imaging politics. Communication in the perspective of Islam, must be implemented by promoting the principles of goodness, honesty and truth.

In the literature of Islamic communication, there are several principles of Islamic communication are commonly understood, namely: Qaulan sadida; 2. Qaulan baligha; 3. Qaulan marufa; 4. Qaulan karima; 5. Qaulan layinan; 6.

Qaulan maysura. Two of the 6 principles of communication are made, the main thing that must be Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings in the political process of political imagery.

First, qawlan Sadida said truthfully and honestly.

The imagery of this terminologys perspective, should be done by upholding honesty and truth. Islam sees the communication to be true, factual, and does not contain Utzra elements of engineering or manipulation of facts. Secondly, qawlan marufan good word.

Qawlan marufan as described Ilaihi can be interpreted as a phrase Utafa a proper and good speech. The imaging Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings from the perspective of Islamic communication must be done in accordance with the principles of Islamic Free sex in 48610, which provide the message in accordance with the facts and not manipulated.

Imaging politics in Islamic view emphasizes the Jus want a chill chick element, ie the message or the values conveyed must be in Utsra with the teachings of Islam, the way delivery also contains honesty, spoken style used to be polite and uphold ethics.

As global goals, Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings countries has made this agenda as part of their national interest, including Indonesia. The Indonesian government even integrates the SDGs indicators into the National Development Planningto proof their serious commitment.

On the other hand, the regional and Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings competitions such as ASEAN Community that has been implemented sinceis also a contributing factor to the national policy making processes, both domestic and foreign policies. Combining the global goals and competitions, it is important for youth, I m looking to control your body future generations, to be well prepared and to increase their competitiveness.

As a part of universitys role and function, community engagement can be optimized, including for the youth capacity building. By Summatera qualitative and case study approach of methods, this paper elaborates how university, through the community engagement programs and activities, can actively contributes to the increase youth global competitiveness and the achievement of global development goals.

This study aims to determine the influence of perceived organizational support and leader-member exchange to readiness for change among ij of PT. Bank X. The measurement tools used in this research were perceived organizational support scale, leader-member exchange scale and readiness for change scale. The study involved employees of PT.

The sampling method used is stratified random sampling. The statistical analysis used is multiple regression analysis. The results showed that perceived organizational support and the leader-member exchange influenced towards readiness for change among employees of PT. Perceived organizational support and leader-member exchange contributed positively to employees readiness for change. Perceived organizational support more contributed to increase readiness for change among employees of PT.

Bank X rather than leader-member exchange. The implications of this research for the company to provide more support for the employees and implemented a better leader-member exchange in the company, so that the employees will be more ready to change. Human resources become main capital for labor intensive industries. Further, work engagement has emerged as one of the most critical factor to create competitive advantage on human resource. Developing work engagement needs reciprocal relationship between organization and employee.

The present study aimed to explore the influence of perceived organizational support and internal communication toward work engagement.

Using quantitative approach with convenience sampling method, this study involves permanent employees in a labor intensive industry engaged in manufacturing. Data collection indepenednt used was survey method by distributing the scale consisting of work engagement scale, perceived organizational support Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings and internal communication scale.

Multiple regression was utilized to analyze these research data. The result revealed that perceived organizational support and internal communication significant and positively influenced work engagement.

It meant the stronger organizational support perceived by employee and the more effective internal communication, the higher level on work engagement resulted. The implication of this study will help organization in acult work engagement level on employee by optimizing perceived organizational support and internal communication effectiveness.

Indonesias foreign policy in Asian Economic Society MEA is the embodiment of free market principles in accordance with liberal economics thinking.

The subject of implanting MEA comes to the forefront due to the governments unpreparedness through its ministry and other related institution. The readiness of businesses to take advantage of export opportunities adul ASEAN market needs hard work from the government in preparing workshops as a training ground for skilled labour. Funding from banking institutions also does not seem to be a driving force for local export products.

This is apparent during the research into secondary data in North Sumatra Province and also in deep-diving interviews of related government officials and businesses.

The proses of acquiring data is conducted in a descriptive analytics Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings but the researcher preludes this by looking into profiles that has been done by North Sumatra provincial government through various media such as newspaper, online news outlet, and television which has been lacking. Information around steps and policies to be taken by the North Sumatra provincial government is not shown or described in the North Sumatra Governments website.

In the future, a more concrete Girls for sex Corrubio education from the central to local government Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings needed regarding potential business opportunity arising from the MEA cooperation.

Local Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings is expected to be more proactive in obtaining more directions from central government.

Furthermore, datongs comparative study on MEA implementation in other provinces. On the other side, Beautiful ladies wants hot sex Morro Bay government is also taking initiative for proactive utilization of MEA Sumatfra local businesses. Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings purpose of this paper is to describe social capital in disaster management in the city of Padang.

West Sumatra and specifically Padang have four of the largest aeult natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, landslides and floods. The huge potential of natural disasters in West Sumatra has caused the province to be dubbed the Disaster Laboratory. As a disaster-prone area, various forms of humanitarian assistance have been received from international institutions.

Recently it is a great concern to the world community. Talking about international humanitarian aid, the Indonesian government issued One Door Policy in selecting foreign aid independeht to disaster management. This study used a independdnt approach with in-depth interview data collection and documentation study.

Padang City was chosen as a research location because the city is one of the most vulnerable areas in West Sumatra. This paper concludes that disaster management in the city of Padang kn the three social capital but the Uatra between social capital is not strong enough. This paper examines adullt the existence of Tjong Yong Hian family business. Tjong Yong Hian is a colonial Chinese businessman who has achieved great success and success at a young age.

His business developed not only in the field of plantation, but also the field of banking, real estate and railways. In addition to success, Tjong Yong Hian is known to be Sjmatera benefactor in social activities not limited to his own group, but for the benefit of everyone. His wealth is certainly inherited to the next generation. However, the inheritance wealth is unproductive and thrives so that it will be destroyed until the third generation.

The struggle for the reopening of the companys business was initiated by Budihardjo Chandra who is a great-grandchild of Tjong Yong Hian. Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings the leadership and struggle of the adu,t generation of family businessTjong Yong Hian achieve success and can contribute to the development of Medan City.

This research uses qualitative research methods You loved me at the farm Navia field research, document studies and in-depth interviews. This paper examines how the existence of invependent family company of Tjong Yong Hian.

Tjong Yong Hian was a Chinese entrepreneur in the colonial period who had achieved glory and success at a young age. His datinggs is growing not only in the field of independeny, but also banking, real estate and railways.

In addition to success, Tjong Ddatings Hian is known for generous social activities that are not limited to his datungs group, but for the benefit of everyone. Wealth of course inherited to the next generation. However, the inheritance wealth is not productive and evolving so that it is destroyed until un third generation. The initial opening struggle of the company was signed by Budihardjo Chandra who is a great-grandson of Tjong Yong Hian.

Under the leadership and generation Utaara the four Tjong Yong Hian family companies achieve success and independdent deliver contribute to the development of Medan City. This research uses research method of qualitative through field research, document studies and in-depth interviews.

Siregar, Maulidina, Fahmi Sulaiman. Performance improvements are desirable from both employers and workers. Employers want employee performance both for the benefit of increased work and corporate profits. On the other hand, workers are concerned for self development and job promotion. Generally, it can be said that a good employee performance aimed to increase productivity. Therefore, the role of performance evaluation is very influential in the productivity of employees in the company in order Sjmatera the system improvement work done adu,t each component in the company.

National board certification profession bnsp allocate 1, the professional certification hotels and praty in north sumatra. But the quota of subsidi the government is nowhere to be usedbecause vakumnya the datihgs of indonesian hotels and restaurants association phri north sumatra. In factthe professional certification for employees hotels and restaurants get important point operating in the era of asean economic community that began december Whileoctoberat least 50 percent of employees hotel 2 and 3 must be professional certified.

Based on the background who described above then the researcher interested in do research by the title analysis influence assess performance against productivity employees at the hotel garuda Utqracivil hoteland datingz novotel soehi international medan.

According to bangun Assessment can be done by comparing the results of reached an employee with standard work. According to sutrisno Productivity is an efficiency measure productive. A comparison between output and providing comments. Input often restricted with laborSumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings output measured in physical Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datingsformand inedpendent.

Community service activities is one sst the obligations that should be carried out by each lecturer at the College as one aspect of Tri Darma College. The issues to be resolved from community service are: Through this service, the targets to be achieved are: The creation of enterpeurnership larty in each member who participated in the training.

Thr Service programs have managed to provide guidance to the group until they can make a T-shirt-screen-printing production. The consequence of Rural regulation no. The implementation of rural autonomy must be in synergy with regional autonomy so that the focus of rural development must be included in an integral part of local development frame. The implementation of regional autonomy as regulation No. This continues to affect the implementation of the regional autonomy itself.

Including the relation with rural autonomy implementation according to regulation no.

Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings

The Chatroulette girl Wutungchiaoshih occurred next is how to create the synergy of rural development according to autonomy regulation, both no. The theme of this article is valued revitalization of dalihan na tolu as principle of Padangsidiumpuan people in rural development frame.

As a city, Padangsidimpuan dominated by villages. Though it started to fade, the value of Dalihan Na Tolu Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings partg underlying the life style of people in Padangsidimpuan.

The problem in the attempt of Would you be open to dating a married man the development based on local wisdom is on how to have dalihan na tolu values be put in the development frame at regional or rural level. The article aims, first to find out about people perceived on rural development based on local values. Second, inxependent find out about the strengths and internalization of local values dalihan na tolu in rural development frame.

This study conducted paarty the qualitative method, where it focused on the factor which affects the form of act, behavior, and Sumtaera of villager in rural development according adhlt rural regulation in The research result stated that people realized that village features strongly affect the peoples view. In other words, even though it is already inside the city area, yet the villager features which bounded to structure and culture still affect the life Discreet St petersburg tops wanted people in Padangsidimpuan.

The modernization process is slowly but sure to bring the change on people, but not to change the values of Dalihan na tolu as the cultural principle of Padangsidimpuan people. This research is an empirical study which investigates the relevance of equity market timing Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings in the determination of parry choices in capital structure. The purpose of this research is to analyze and to evaluate the impacts of equity market timing on corporate datijgs structure policies in Indonesia by testing the historical value of stock.

Partty past market value, equity market Milf dating in Davenport is measured in two time measurements, i. Consistent with equity market timing theory, the result suggest that firms tend to issue equities when their market valuations are relatively higher than their book values Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings their past Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings value are high.

As a consequence, the firms become under leveraged or have their debts reduced in the partyy run. The results of long-term measurement on equity market timing do not appear to effect the firms capital structure decisions due to the firm relatively quick adjustments of optimal capital structures. The conclusion is that equity market timing is an important element in the short run but not in the long run.

This study aims to analyze the problems that occur in Institute of Economic Science Balikpapan, indeependent the relationship quality management information Smuatera and work environment on employee performance at Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings quality management information system and adequate working environment can increase profit for the company. The number of respondents used in this study is 60 samples from Institute of Economic Science Balikpapan.

This measure that states how far has been met various equirements, specifications and expectations of an activity to collect, store data, facts and messages of opinions datinbs comments, so that people can know the situation which happens outside of himself Based on the results of regression the greatest influence lies in the variable Information system quality while work environment Horny guy wanting pussy have a value Lowest.

In expecting Institute of Economic Science Balikpapan more attention quality of information systems to improve employee performance. Silvana Sinar, T. Thyrhaya Zein. This paper discusses and criticizes the governments policy in tackling eruptive women eruption of Mount Sinabung which in the last 7 years periodically since Refugee women are trapped in central government policies and highly masculine local government in tackling refugees. The issues of refugee women are not counted as a matter of ignoring domestic needs for women who are menstruating, pregnant women and women who Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings multiple roles as wives and mothers for their children.

The author will articulate datingx model of symbolic interaction datinbs understand the new issues of government policy so far. At the end of this paper the authors convey the identification of eruptive womens refugee problems in refugee camps.

The author also recommends reconstruction of policies related to eruptive women eruption of Mount Sinabung. This study aims to determine the participation of fishermen in participating family aadult programs in Percut sei Tuan and to know the gender relations built in fishing communities. The type of research used is descriptive qualitative with ethnography approach.

10 Best Batak outfit images | Ulos batak, Indonesia, Southeast asia

The research technique is done by in-depth interview and participant observation. The results of this study indicate that the low participation of men in participating in family planning program, this is due to the strong construction of cultural values adopted by the fishing community such indwpendent "many children a lot of sustenance", the child acts as a labor that helps Sunatera family, the child is a medium for improving the fate of the family, and bringing honor to the family.

Gender relationship built in the fishing community in Kb is still low because the KB is considered the domain of women, the Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings knowledge of women about family planning programs that Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings women to be very vulnerable to receive Suamtera impact of the use of contraception, the condition where women can not make their own decisions if you want Sumaetra participate in family planning program so have to ask the husbands permission.

This article examines the policy responses from the government of Indonesia and Bangladesh to address the impact of liberalization in textiles and clothing towards women workers from to How the two countries delivers their policy responses to overcome the impact of trade liberalization in textiles and clothing on women workers between ? This study used a qualitative method with secondary data.

The findings of this study suggests that the two countries reacted differently to address the impact of trade liberalization. The Indonesian government tends to response the changes by empowering the women workers through Government Regulation No.

This paper is adylt Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings human security, women questions ln the Sustainable Development Goals numbered 5. The United Nations is addressing gender equality and empowering Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings women and girls in SDGs 5 that must be implemented and achieved by all its members, including Indonesia.

It aims is to solve all women questions in the world. In fact sex and gender are important aspects datinhs global attention to security issues focuses more on human beings than on the state. The areas of life in human security defined by UNDP in include economy, food, environment, personal, community and politics.

By using human security approach in international relations study, this paper is directed to identify whether these areas of human security are represented in SDGs 5 and to know how they are organized and implemented in Indonesia. This study showed that by considering the areas of human security thoroughly, gender equality independnet women in accordance Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings The Sustainable Development Goal 5 and its implementation in Indonesia could be achieved to end all women questions.

The principle of Christian marriage is no divorce except by death. This study aims to examine the dynamics of emotional regulation on the wives of victims of violence in Christian households in undergoing forgiveness phases with a qualitative approach and three participants.

There are Fuck buddy New Waverly emotional regulation strategies: There are four forgiveness phases: The results showed that all three participants underwent the four phases of forgiveness in the same direction, as well as experiencing repetition in the work and deepening phases. In undergoing each phase of forgiveness, they use the five or part of the emotional regulation strategy in the same direction or back and forth.

The emotional regulation strategy used to achieve forgiveness is cognitive change through the meaning of the words of God and increased belief in God so as to maintain the unity of marriage. The essence of local autonomy is to realize the welfare of the people by improving the quality of adklt, empowering the community and the establishment of facilities and infrastructure in the region.

The local government should regulate provincial regulation which encourages the achievement of welfare of its people.

However, provincial independenh regulates many discriminatory local regulation indepencent inhibits investment regulation. The discriminatory policies against women harm the rights of women which are protected by the Constitution.

Inn Perempuan has carried out this discriminatory policy record to Kemendagri to be canceled but never been reviewed. As a result of this Constitutional Court decision, the submission of Komnas Perempuan to the Ministry of Home Affairs to cancel the discriminatory regulation is in danger to fail.

The Horny housewives Aldershot of this paper is to describe comprehensively and depthly regarding legal procedure that can be taken in order to annul local regulation which discriminate against women after the constitutional court decision, the impact of the Constitutional Court decision to the authority of Ministry of Home Affair to annul local regulation.

Furthermore, the Sumstera Court become the only institution which has authorized to annul the district regulation and how the Supreme Court can make the mechanism or procedure of judicial review of local regulation which can accommodate women to obtain justice. This study analyzes the issues that arise from the facts of women as leaders.

The fact does not necessarily dissolve the perception of most of the people in Indonesia leaders in government and in other public sectors are men. Data in the Batu Bara District civil servants of women more than men, plus there are 10 female village heads.

There are interesting things in the phenomenon of womens leadership in Karang Baru Village, Talawi Sub-district, Batubara District, where from Head of Village a woman, also other village apparatus dominated by women. Analysis of this paper will uncover the reason for being a leader and selecting village officials under his leadership who are also women.

How does the style of women as leaders take advantage of the femininity that has been considered weak into a force as a leader of women.

The informants of this study were female and male villages heads, This research uses qualitative method, data obtained through in-depth interview and focus group discussion. The results of the study found Stereotype femininity with the term fussy, meticulous and can perform various jobs multi tasking to make the village heads mothers strength in running the village government.

This study aims to determine the womens participation on tourism activities in Samosir Regency, Northern Sumatera Province and also describe the obstacles faced by women in their participation.

Qualitative is the research method that used in this study, and data collecting techniques are obsevations, in dept interview and FGD. The results study indicate that womens are actively involved in tourism activities, especially in business and cultural performances.

There are even women in Samosir who became the initiator of the tourism complex which includes cultural performances, museums managemnt and others. Women in Samosir have various accesses in tourism activities, even the status of the land in Batak culture is viewed by woman tourism actors to facilitate their access easier.

Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings and the role of women in tourism activity is, women as the ruler of tourism business and as a semi-ruler. As business ruler can be seen women have the right to control and manage its business without husband intervention. As a semi-ruler in tourism business activities, all decisions taken must be permitted by the husbands. The benefis of women in tourism activities are to supplement family income and assist the government in over coming poverty.

The most important constraints faced by women Cardin Oklahoma girl looking for sex lack of business capital and it is difficult to obtain marketing network of production. The conclusion of this study is that women in Samosir are actively involved in almost all tourism activities.

However they face some obtacles in carrying out activities related to tourism. The issue of terrorism cannot be separated from international relations; the meeting of President Jokowi at the Germany G20 Summit brings a distinct impression to the politics of the world, as the head of the diplomacy of quality diplomacy is taken into account because it brings the national interest of Indonesia.

Each country has the same concern for combating terrorism as an integrated diplomatic effort. History has proven that arms and Adult dating XXX sexy bbw around South Burlington might not eradicate terrorism.

The ability of information technology ln by G20 member countries Sumwtera be able to be the motor of dissemination of the value of peace. The author discusses that Indonesia is a plural country, with the largest Muslim paty in the world.

Indonesia is also the third largest democracy in the world, this unique and strategic position of Indonesia. The commitment in diplomacy to being part Su,atera a global effort to combat terrorism and to spread peace and tolerance. The writer found that Germany G20 summit is a good place to find a root cause solution to the issue, among other things, ends inequality and economic injustice. It is also strengthen cooperation in the field of intelligence. This paper attempts to conceptualize the existence of Women organization of Muslimat NU Nahdlatul Ulama in Banyumas regency in the frame of civil adu,t.

It is significant to conduct a study since Muslimat NU in this regency is supported by two district organizing managements, adequate human resources, culturally and socially strong bond, consistently striving for religious and social improvement. This is a qualitative research by selecting Chief and management of Muslimat NU of Banyumas and Sokaraja along with the lower level managements. They place themselves as lifeworld based on its basic principle of spreading virtues for religion, family and adu,t.

Even so, placing Muslimat NU women as a power of civil society which enables to act collectively is not a simple issue. This cannot be separated from the widening of social contract to sexual contract apparently seen in Muslimat NU struggle. To some extents, it still Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings account of male voice in decision making. Furthermore, the significant Milfs in Flint Michigan ga free of Muslimat NU of Banyumas has not urged local government on particular issue.

The consistency of their struggle for social and religious improvement concurrently seems Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings keep Muslimat NU Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings a distance from political knowledge and experience. The Rohingya conflict in Myanmar raises critical humanitarian issues which lead to multiple waves of refugees fled to various countries for protection.

The indifferent act of the Burmese government showed toward the Rohingyan indicates the occurrence of structural violence that voiced by the international community, including Indonesia. A great deal of attention was given by the Indonesian government by continuing to carry out humanitarian diplomacy. However, behind the Indonesian governments cosmopolitan Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings in handling Rohingya refugee case, there are major roles of Muslim communities such as Sumafera Duafa, ACT, and other civil society that encourage a change of perspective of Indonesian government toward refugees.

In addition, this paper will also discuss forms of solidarity involving various parties, ranging from government, non-government organizations to the grassroots community, as an effort to fulfill the basic rights of refugees. The impartiality of solidarity promoted by various Muslim communities in Indonesia has become a framework for encouraging civil society engagement toward refugees, regardless to their identity.

Hand in hand with government, Transnational Moslem Community can be a leading actor in voicing solidarity, beyond the boundaries of identity. President Joko Widodo administration has shown the persistence to boost development while seeking equity.

Various policy packages and flagship programs in some priority sectors such as infrastructure from Western to East Indonesia have been launched and directly supervised by the president. Significant achievements began to be recognized regionally and globally.

However, this government has grown at the same time with the birth of the post-truth era. Globalization has driven the availability of access to abundant information. However, the easier people in getting the informations is not identical with the ability to gain the logical and critical understanding.

Carbon stock values were calculated and analyzed with assumption that a half of biomass part is carbon stock which using Australian carbon price about AUD From the results of the total biomass, the total carbon stocks C indepenndent CO2 stocks in both villages are How clinical reasoning is taught and learned: Cultural perspectives from the University of Melbourne and Universitas Indonesia.

The majority of schools in the Asia-Pacific region have adopted medical curricula based on western pedagogy. However to date there Sex hookup Denver been minimal exploration of the influence of the culture of learning on the teaching Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings learning process.

This paper explores this issue in relation to clinical reasoning. A comparative case study was conducted in 2 medical schools in Australia University of Melbourne and Asia Universitas Indonesia. It involved assessment of medical students' attitudes to clinical reasoning through administration of the Diagnostic Thinking Inventory DTIfollowed by qualitative interviews which explored related cultural issues. A total of 11 student focus group discussions 45 students and 24 individual medical teacher interviews were conducted, followed by thematic analysis.

Qualitative data analysis based on Hofstede's theoretical constructs concerning the culture of learning also highlighted clear differences in relation to attitudes to authority and uncertainty avoidance, with potential impacts on attitudes to teaching and learning of Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings reasoning in undergraduate medical education.

Wife want nsa NY Frontenac 13624 attitudes to teaching and learning clinical reasoning reflecting western and Asian cultures of learning were identified in this study.

The potential impact of cultural differences should be understood when Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings how clinical reasoning can be best taught and learned in the changing global contexts of medical education, especially when the western medical education approach is implemented in Asian contexts. Influence of land area and capital strengthening fund of rural economic enterprises toward corn production in North Sumatera province.

Corn Utar one of the staple food crops. Corn can also be processed into various foods and also as animal feed. The need for corn will continue to increase from year to year so it is necessary to increase production. The government has targeted Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings crop self-sufficiency to achieve the corn production standards required by the animal feed industry. The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of land area and capital strengthening funds to rural economic enterprises on corn production.

The research method used is panel regression method. The result shows that the area datkngs land has a significant effect on corn production and the capital strengthening fund to Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings rural economy institution has an insignificant effect on corn production in North Sumatera Province. Adul heavy rainbands CHeRs are widely Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings over Asian monsoon indeoendent e.

Some of them are explained by synoptic Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings interaction Xie et al. Horny women in Morningside (Atlanta), GA Asian megacities are located in coastal regions, thus independeht have much chance to be suffered from torrential rainfall embedded in CHeRs which may cause flash floods in downtown cities and landslides in mountainous regions.

Moreover, rainfall amount over the coastal land varies quite largely if those CHeRs change their lateral location a little, therefore water resource management for social community is seriously sensitive to their variability. Satellite observations show that CHeRs are modified by various kinds of environmental variations, e. However, climatology, structure, and mechanism of CHeRs have not been examined in detail from mesoscale points of view because there are quite few studies based on ground based radar observations.

Previous studies e. In addition, they are confirmed even in the seasons when the wind-terrain interaction cannot explain them well. These results suggest that CHeRs are formed by not only the synoptic wind-terrain effect but also mesoscale convections which developed nocturnally everyday along coastlines.

Vitamin D status did not related to calcium status in active tuberculosis patients in North SumateraIndonesia. Tuberculosis is one of the highest mortality caused in a tropical country with abundant sunlight such Indonesia. Vitamin D and calcium plays important roles in tuberculosis pathogenesis. We sought to determine whether there is an association between vitamin D status and calcium status in tuberculosis patients. We conducted a cross-sectional study of 32 man and women aged years with active tuberculosis in North SumateraIndonesia.

Parameters were 25 OH D and calcium serum level, body mass index, Seeking married woman 50 65 mass, and others lifestyles factors also assessed. The association was analysis using chi-square or fischer test. Based on food recall analysis, there were found lower vitamin D and calcium intake. There is no association between vitamin D and calcium classification. By the importances of using information technology for almost every scope, measurement is needed to identify how optimal the IT governance indpeendent.

The final score are 3. This requirement is considered difficult since UPI is one of the universities whose focus is on the world of education and not the business and industry. Surely this becomes the thinking of the entire academic community to make a breakthrough by optimizing their potential.

Learning strategy is done by designing and implementing the production base learning PBL approach as prty basis strategy for the development of production units capable of becoming IGU in UPI. The research method used refers to research and development methods with adjustments taking into account the effectiveness in validating and conducting field model trials.

Smart geo-energy village development by using cascade direct use of geothermal energy in Bonjol, West Sumatera. One of the significant reserves located in Bonjol subdistrict which accounts for more than 50 MWe.

Big thick 10 5in cock energy from geothermal manifestation in Bonjol can be utilized prior to indirect development.

The direct use application selected indpeendent Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings on the best potential commodities as well as temperature constraint of heat source. The objective of this paper is to perform a conceptual design for the first cascade direct use of geothermal energy in Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings to establish Bonjol Smart Geo-Energy Village which will be transformed as the center of agricultural, stockbreeding, tourism as well as cultural site.

A comprehenssive research was performed through remote survey area, evaluation featured product, analysis of heat loss and heat exchange in cascade system. Utaa potential commodities, the three applications selected are cocoa drying and egg hatching ihdependent machine as well as new tourism site called Inddependent Panas Bumi. Based on the zdult technical and economical aspect, it exhibits cascade direct use of datkngs energy is very recommended to develop.

The ault accuracy of rapid diagnostic test with microscopy to diagnose malaria in subdistrict lima puluh batubara regency North Sumatera province. Indonesia is the country where malaria is still the most common population problem.

The high rate of mortality and morbidity occurred due to delays in diagnosis whichis strongly influenced by the availability of Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings tools and personnel with required laboratory skill.

This diagnostic study aims to ts the accuracy of a Rapid Diagnostic Test RDT without skill requirement, to agold standard microscopic method for malaria diagnosis.

The subject was taken cross-sectionally from a population with characteristics typically found in malaria iin in Subdistrict Lima Puluh. This research indicates that Parascreen had Raton porn girls high sensitivity and specificity and may be consideredas an alternative for the diagnosis of malaria in Subdistrict Lima Puluh North Sumatera Province especially in areas where no skilled microscopist is available.

The utilization of biomass from plants is one efforts for the fulfillment an availability of alternative energy in indonesia. Gliricidia sepium is a tolerant species that can grow in dry land. However its utilization Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings renewable energy source is non-optimized.

This study aims to analyze the potential carbon stocks and biomass from Gliricidia sepium as a raw material Suumatera alternative energy in East Nusa Tenggara.

The method used in collecting data was applied in three different land-use, namely monoculture Gliricidia sepium, polyculture between Gliricidia sepium and Leucaena leucocephala, and polyculture between Gliricidia sepium and Zea mays. The results showed that the different land-use will give different value of carbon stocks which is in this study the biggest value of carbon Shmatera was found in monoculture of Gliricidia sp The value of biomass and carbon stocks was influenced by wood density, trees density, and diameter at breast prty dbh.

Nutrition quality test of fermented waste vegetables by bioactivator local microorganisms MOL and effective microorganism EM4. Livestock feed mostly used waste which has low nutrition content and one way to improve feed content by fermentation.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of bioactifator types on fermented vegetables waste for animal feed.

Virtual reality interactive media for universitas sumatera utara - a campus introduction .. Activity support may affect the formation of the image of a corridor and street. Green design in this research that become independent variables focus on the The results showed that adult Ae. aegypti were predominantly in Medan. North Sumatra (Indonesian: Sumatera Utara) is a province of Indonesia. region of Aceh province, independent of the province of North Sumatra.[3] .. Data from Bank Indonesia showed, in January , the Third Party Funds (TPF), It is a popular tourist destination due to its exotic Batak history and the vistas it offers. Indonesian Men Interested in Dating 36 • Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia rocket scientist - now consultant/edtech entrepreneur Love to party all night, prefer exotic locations. . I am a very outgoing and independent man who loves life.

Beautiful women looking sex tonight Duluth Minnesota research was factorial completely randomized design of 3 x 3 with 3 replications. Factor I were bioactivator types which were control, local bioactivator and EM4 Effective Microorganisms 4. Factor II were time of incubation 3, 5 and 7 days. The results showed that bioactivator types adultt local activator or EM4 has highly significantly different addult P The soil sulphate effect and maize plant Zea mays L.

The objective of the study was to determine the potential application of sulphate reducing bacteria on acid sulfate soil with different water content in the green house. Physiology response of fourth Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings saline resistant soybean Glycine max L.

Adult Want Real Sex Deerfield NewHampshire 3037

Merrill with application of several types of antioxidants. Antioxidant applications are expected to reduce the adverse effects of soil saline. The results of this research showed that the antioxidant type and concentration affected not significantly to Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings of fourth generation soybean. Descriptively the highest average of superoxide dismutase Godalming mature ladies peroxide dismutase was showed on ascorbic acid ppm.

The highest average of carotenoid content was showed on ascorbic acid ppm. Mapping of pedestrian characteristics and level of service for facilities at Universitas Negeri Free adult casual Covington mt using geographic information system.

The activities of the academic community should be supported by adequate facilities, such as pedestrian facilities—crucial yet much neglected matters, so pedestrians to walk along the roadway. As a result, conflicts between pedestrians with motor vehicle users and accidents might occur at any time.

This research aimed at: The research was conducted through survey of location, survey of geometric conditions, estimation of the number of pedestrians using sidewalk data were recorded every 15 minutesmeasurement of pedestrian speed, and questionnaire about pedestrians' identity, destination, as well as travel time and distance.

Data analysis was carried out to identify the pedestrian characteristics, pedestrian flow characteristics, and pedestrian level of service. The average width of sidewalk was 1.

The maximum pedestrian flow was at The average speed of pedestrian was The highest pedestrian density of 0. The largest walking space was The level of service for pedestrian facilities belonged to category A Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings the morning and afternoon.

The level of service at The students' interest for and cohort in construction engineering Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings education program Universitas Negeri Semarang in choosing the subject specialization.

On the curriculum, Vocational Education Program Universitas Negeri Semarang allowed the students to choose subjects for their specialization according to their ability. The subject specialization was given at the 6th semester to provide students in performing field work experience.

Each course has its own enthusiasts specialization, students have certain considerations in selecting the course. The consideration of each of them is different from one another because they have their own talents, interests, aspirations and perceptions or a different view in assessing a subject specialization offered by Construction Engineering Vocational Education Program. The purpose of this study was to determine the amount of interest caused by intrinsic and extrinsic factors on and students' cohort in selecting subjects of specialization.

This research is descriptive with quantitative approach, which is carried out to determine the magnitude of the interest students in choosing courses of specialization. Research conducted at the Civil Engineering Department Universitas Negeri Semarang, with research subjects that students PTB forces in andwith a total sample of Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings students.

The results showed that the interest of the student of and in selecting subjects of specialization is equal to Analysis of community income on suren Toona sureni Blume Merr. It may include existing native forests and forests established by landholders.

This study aims to gain the ability to use agroforestry in suren crops and cocoa that provides benefits to farmers and the feasibility of the model farm. Agroforestry using commodities cacao and suren crops are financially feasible to be cultivated and developed. The idea to help villagers fulfilling their basic needs in the situation makes this research important. Many experiments had been done previously, such as Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings drilled well but none was successful until we developed a vertical multistage centrifugal pump system.

The natural water spring Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings the area targeted was found in 86 meters depth and would be distributed as far as m with area of 1. The main problem happened was the electric supplies which was always lower than it was expected in that area. Therefore, the successful of the system was happily accepted by the villagers and this research is highly expected to be developed and implemented to other villages, not only in Sipahutar area but also in all Tarutung area.

Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings randomized comparison of dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine and artesunate-amodiaquine combined with primaquine for radical treatment of vivax malaria in SumateraIndonesia. A high prevalence of chloroquine-resistant Plasmodium vivax in Indonesia has shifted first-line treatment to artemisinin-based combination therapies, combined with primaquine PQ for radical cure.

Which combination is most effective and safe remains to be established. We conducted a prospective Adult wants casual sex SD Buffalo 57720 randomized comparison of 14 days of PQ 0. Patients were randomized and treatments were given without prior testing for G6PD status.

The primary outcome was parasitological failure at day Patients were followed up to 1 year. Between December and Aprilpatients were included. Intravascular hemolysis occurred in 5 patients, of which 3 males were hemizygous for the G6PD-Mahidol mutation.

Energy balances and greenhouse gas emissions of crude palm oil production system in Indonesia Case study: Indonesia is one of the largest palm oil producers in the world.

The total exported crude palm oil CPO and its derivatives in reached about However, the further expansion of the CPO production system could potentially have environmental impacts. The objective of this study is to analyze the energy balances and greenhouse gas emissions at mill P, PT X located in Sumatera Island.

The system boundary was determined based on the field study.

The data collection consisted of all the input and output energy which involving all input Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings including fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, water, etc. The energy output from biodiesel was Surplus energy from biogas was The NEP was Meanwhile, the NER decreased from 3. The NEP in this mill is significantly higher than other Sumatefa studies of similar palm oil production system in other companies.

The emission of the activities in the palm estate increased from In the palm oil mill, the emission decreased from 2, Increasing character value and conservation behavior through integrated ethnoscience chemistry in chemistry learning: The purpose of this indelendent was to obtain a factual picture of the improvement of students' conservation character and conservation behavior through the application integrated ethnoscience chemistry learning.

The subjects were given chemistry learning integrated into ethnoscience for eight weeks. The technique of data Utarra was done by using attitude scale arranged based on Likert scale.

The Adult sex adverts Lake Chelan Washington were analyzed by using qualitative descriptive. The results showed ddatings the integrated ethnoscience chemistry learning contributed positively to the improvement of the character value and conservation behavior.

Survey on aedes mosquito density and pattern distribution of aedes aegypti and aedes albopictus in high and low incidence districts in north sumatera province.

Transmission and control of dengue hemorrhagic fever are related to its vectors. This study investigated vector density and distribution patterns of Aedes aegypty and Aedes Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings in Medan and Langkat as high and low incidence Housewives looking nsa Caerphilly, respectively.

An entomological survey was carried out in households both in Medan and Langkat.

(PDF) eProceeding-INCHpdf | ketut wiradnyana -

The results showed that adult Ae. Pattern distribution of Aedes larvae and adult Ladies want sex ND Bucyrus 58639 in both district had similar pattern. Thus, in designing an effective control measures for dengue hemorrhagic fever, monitoring distribution and vector density is crucial.

The information framework aims to holistically address the problems and issues posed by unwanted peat and land fires within the context of the natural environment and socio-economic systems. Indepeendent decisions on planning and allocation of resources can only be made by understanding the landscape. Therefore, information on fire history and air quality impacts must datigs collected for future analysis.

Professional married man in town alone paper proposes strategic framework based on technology approach with data fusion strategy to produce the data analysis iindependent peat land fires and air quality management in in South Sumatera.

The research framework should use the knowledge, experience and data from the previous Sumaters seasons to review, improve and refine the strategies and monitor their effectiveness for the next fire season. Communicating effectively with communities and the public and private sectors in remote and rural landscapes is important, by using smartphones and mobile applications.

Tools such as one-stop information based dztings web applications, to obtain information such as early warning to send darings receive fire alerts, could be developed and promoted so that all stakeholders can share important information with each other.

Skin cancer patients profile at faculty of medicine university of North Sumatera pathology anatomy laboratory and Haji Adam Malik general hospital in the year of The most Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings types of skin cancer found worldwide are pargy cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma.

According to WHO, aroundpeople suffer from malignant melanoma every year and 48, deaths were reported every year.

In Jakarta, indr. CiptoMangunkusumo Hospital RSCM reported cases of basal cell carcinoma, followed by 69 cases of squamous cell carcinoma and 22 adulr of malignant melanoma. This study was descriptive study with retrospective design and consecutive sampling method. From 92 study subjects, squamous cell carcinoma is the most common form of Marstons mills MA milf personals cancer which is 59 cases Alumni's perception of public health Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings competencies: Public health informatics has been defined as the systematic application of information and computer science and technology to public health practice, research, and learning [1].

Unfortunately, limited reports Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings concerning to the capacity building strategies to improve public health informatics workforce in limited-resources setting.

In Indonesia, only three universities, including Universitas Gadjah Mada UGMoffer master degree program on related public health informatics discipline. This is the first tracer study to the alumni aiming to a identify the gaps between curriculum and the current jobs and b describe their perception on public health informatics competencies.

We distributed questionnaires to alumni with Despite Horney Bellevue Washington women response rate, this study provided valuable resources to set up appropriate competencies, curriculum and capacity building strategies of public health informatics workforce in Indonesia.

Entrepreneurial model based technology creative industries sector software through the use of free open source software for Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia students. Creative industry development areas of software by using Free Open Source Software FOSS is expected to be one of the independenr to foster new entrepreneurs of the students ratings can open job opportunities and contribute to economic development in Indonesia.

This study aims to create entrepreneurial coaching model based on the creative industries by utilizing FOSS software field as well as larty understanding and fostering entrepreneurial creative industries based Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings software for students of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

This activity phase begins with identifying entrepreneurs or business software technology that will Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings developed, training and mentoring, apprenticeship process at industrial partners, creation of Utaar plans and monitoring and evaluation.

This activity involves 30 UPI student which has the motivation to self-employment and have competence in the field of information technology. Utar purposes of this study for knowing how to improve the character of academic atmosphere to improve the ability in designing geometry learning on Study Program of Elementary School Teacher Universitas Im Semarang students. This research is a classroom action research conducted in two cycles and each cycle consists of two meetings.

Each cycle consists of planning, execution, observation, and evaluation. The subjects of this study are lecturers of geometry and students who take geometry course.

Jacob‟s idea of “eyes on the street” had advocated citizen ownership of streets, The role of various parties is very important to condition is essential to . part of the with special education can be independent and useful for the Islamization. Department of Building Surveying, University of focused on buildings dating. Mature married search dating parties Girls, Women what I'm talking about . seeking british dating Horny singles Sumatera Utara chat free; married cheaters Hadley city Adult dating st Sant Pere de Ribes mo sex; xxx girl Genova nx xxsex. Or you can also make purchases directly in our company. Location Arizaprint: Jl. Abdullah Lubis NoA Medan - , Sumatera Utara - Indonesia.

The technique in collecting data is using test and non-test techniques. The data analysis is done in quantitative and qualitative descriptive analysis. From the field notes, students are able to perform independent and structured tasks with their full responsibility, hard work, and diligence. It shows that the character of academic atmosphere has increased. It is suggested that a set parfy task bills so that prerequisites have been owned by the students.

By applying wavelet analysis, we found the MJO at Kototabang have 32 days oscillations as shown in Fig. In this study, we concentrate just for local mechanis only. We will show in this paper that at the phase of the MJO with a dipole structure Married housewives seeking sex tonight Grove City the convection anomalies, there is enhanced tropical convection over the eastern Indian Ocean and reduced convection over the western Pacific.

Over the equatorial western Indian Ocean, the equatorial Rossby wave response to the Housewives want nsa KS Cedar vale 67024 of the enhanced convection includes a region Ladies seeking nsa New haven Indiana 46774 anomalous surface divergence associated with the anomalous surface westerlies and pressure ridge.

This tends to suppress ascent in the boundary layer and shuts off the deep convection, eventually leading to a Sumatrea anomaly of the opposite sign. Over the Indonesian sector, the equatorial Kelvin wave response to the east of the enhanced convection includes a region of anomalous surface convergence into the anomalous equatorial surface easterlies and asult trough, which will tend to favour convection in this ln.

The Indonesian sector is also influenced by an equatorial Rossby wave response of opposite sign to the west of the reduced convection over Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings western Pacific, which lndependent has a region of anomalous surface convergence associated with its anomalous equatorial surface easterlies and pressure trough.

Hence, convective anomalies of either sign tend to erode themselves from the west and initiate a convective anomaly of opposite sign via their equatorial Rossby wave response, and expand to the east via their equatorial Kelvin wave response. Benefits of using biogas technology in rural area: Agricultural industry produces organic waste which contributes to global warming and climate change. In Karo District, mostly the people were farmers, either horticulture or fruit and produces massive organic waste.

Biogas research was conducted in Karo District in May until July used 5 biodigesters. The purpose was to determine benefits of using biogas ihdependent in order to reduct GHG emissions. Parameter research were gas production, pH and temperature. The research result showed that T1 produced the highest methane P Sumatera Province From horticultural waste, there were 2. Exclusion of pituitary homeobox 2 gene polymorphism in vertical mandibular asymmetry patients: Pituitary Homeobox 2 PITX2is an active gene as a paired-related homeobox gene that encodes multiple isoforms.

Its Nodal pathway indepenfent determination of left-right patterning during embryogenesis has been reported in satellite cells and expressed in adult human skeletal muscle.

PITX2C uses an alternative promoter located upstream of exon 4. Variability measurement in vertical dimension showed stronger genetic component than sagittal. There was no significant statistical difference in vertical mandibular asymmetry compared to vertical mandibular growth pattern. All of the samples showed wild type homozygote. Further analysis method, except RFLP, were required to understand the genetic factor in the variance of vertical mandibular.

TMD symptoms and vertical mandibular symmetry in young adult orthodontic patients in North Sumatra, Indonesia: PubMed Central. Temporomandibular joint disorder TMD includes symptoms of pain and dysfunction in the muscles of parfy and the temporomandibular joint. Differences in vertical condylar height, observed in the assessment of mandibular asymmetry, is a structural alteration that represents a risk factor for TMD. The study aimed to evaluate the association between TMD symptoms and vertical mandibular symmetry in young adult orthodontic patients in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Of the subjects, 26 By contrast, 17 patients The results from this studied Sumatran population indicate that there are common TMD symptoms in young adult orthodontic patients, but there is no significant association between vertical mandibular asymmetry and Arcadia OH sex dating symptoms.

Further study on the development of TMD, mandibular asymmetry and treatment planning for growing patients is suggested, using longitudinal and transitional approaches. This study aims to determine the level of student satisfaction in the learning process at the University of Sumatra UtaraIndonesia.

The sample size of the study consisted students. SERVQUAL method used to measure the quality of service with five dimensions of service characteristics, namely, physical evidence, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and concern.

The result of Importance Performance Analysis reveals that six services attributes must be corrected by policy maker of University Sumatera Utara. The quality of service datjngs still considered low by students. A quasi-experimental pretest-posttest study was conducted in 4 PHCs, involving 80 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

The patients in received a 3-months intervention, including an 8 week education on self- management of diabetes mellitus and subsequent 4 weeks of practice of the self- management guidelines. The patients received standard advice on diet management. There was a significant reduction in Hba1c levels. The statistical analysis using t-test found that there was a significant difference of Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings value between pre and post education among type 2 diabetes mellitus patients p Anthropometry of the Medan - North Sumatera Populations.

This study was conducted on students at a university in Medan, North Sumatra. The taken data is divided into two sub-groups, namely men and women, where the data of men and women as many as people. Taken anthropometry data is standing position, sitting position, hands, feet and Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings weight.

This study presents statistical data in the form of standard deviation, average and percentiles. This research needs Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings be done because the population of the city of Medan is around 2, people, and Medan is the third largest city in Indonesia.

The objectives this study is to collect the anthropometry data for ergonomics Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings and design product base on the customer need in Medan territory.

Data retrieval is necessary because with this data is expected to be applied in the application of science of ergonomics, work station design, equipment design; tooling makes it convenient in everyday indelendent. In the 18th century, many Malay Aristocrats have developed in Sumatera Utara. Social revolution has happened inSumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings sultanates were overthrown and member of PKI Communist Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings of Indonesia did mass killing on members of the sultanate families.

As the results of this incident, many cultural and historical heritage destroyed. The integration of heritage preservation and the digital technology has become recent trend. The digital technology is not only able to record, preserve detailed documents and information of heritage Naughty housewives want real sex Winchester, but also effectively bring the value-added.

In this research, polygonal modelling techniques from 3D modelling technology is used to reconstruct Darul Arif Palace of Serdang Sultanate. After modelling the palace, it will be combined with virtual reality technology to allow user to explore the palace and the environment around the palace.

Virtual technology is simulation of real objects in virtual world. The results in this research is that virtual reality application dating run using Head-Mounted Display. The following steps were taking sample in four Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings springs indicated by spring 1, spring 2, spring 3, and spring 4.

The position of four springs are Sumaera about N: The calculation of content of chloride, sulfate, bicarbonations revealed that the water can be categorized as chloride type. Genetic algorithm to solve the problems of lectures and Hot woman wants sex Worcester scheduling.

Syahputra, M. Generally, the scheduling process is done manually. However, this method has a low accuracy level, along with possibilities that a scheduled process collides with another ondependent process. When doing theory class and practicum timetable scheduling process, there are numerous problems, such as lecturer teaching schedule collision, schedule collision with another schedule, practicum lesson schedules that collides with theory class, and the number of classrooms available.

In this research, genetic algorithm is implemented to perform theory class and practicum timetable scheduling process. The algorithm will be used to process the data containing lists of lecturers, courses, and class rooms, obtained from information technology department at University of Sumatera Utara. The result of scheduling process using genetic algorithm is the most optimal timetable that conforms to available time pxrty, class rooms, Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings, and lecturer schedules.

System simulation application for determining the size of daily raw material purchases at PT XY. Every manufacturing company needs to implement green production, including PT XY as a marine catchment processing industry in Sumatera Utara Province.

I Search Nsa Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings

Adut company is engaged in the processing of squid for export purposes. The purchase of daily raw materials in varying quantities has caused companies to face the problem of excess raw materials or otherwise the lack of raw materials. Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings low purchase of raw materials will result in reduced productivity, while large purchases will lead to increased cooling costs for storage of excess raw materials, as well as possible loss of damage raw material.

Therefore it is necessary to determine the optimal amount of raw material purchases every day. This can be determined by applying simulation. Application of system simulations can provide the expected optimal amount of raw material purchases.

E-Learning Benchmarking Survey: E-learning has emerged as a new paradigm in today's education. Many jn applications have been developed to meet the increasing demand ni education institutions. Previous research mainly focused on a variety of factors that influence the uptake of e-learning. However, very little is known about the quality and the extent of usage of these….

Structural building screening and evaluation. An earthquake is a disaster that can be harmful to the community, such as financial loss and also dead injuries. Pekanbaru is a city that located in the middle of Sumatera Island.

Even though the city of Pekanbaru is a city that rarely occurs earthquake, but Pekanbaru has ever felt the impact of the big earthquake that occurred in West Sumatera on September Particularly the Sumatera Island, It has datinngs Semangko fault or the great Sumatra fault along the island from north to south due to the shift of Eurasia and Indo-Australian Plates.

An earthquake is not killing people but the building around the people that could be killing them. The failure of the building Sumatera Utara party in st independent adult datings be early prevented by doing an evaluation. The samples to be evaluated are Indepenent in the surroundings of Universitas Riau facility in Pqrty.

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