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Botta CEnanthe bottce 11 On the Races of Erythropygia leucophrys, with description of a new subspecies Erythropygia leucophrys vansomereni from Ruwenzori 62 Secretary and Treasurer.

Carmichael G. Low re-elected as 2 Seth- Smith, D. Exhibition of Lantern-slides 87 Snouckaert van Schauberg, Baron. See Kinnear, N. Tavistock, Marquis of. Exhibition and remarks on the downy young of Heliopais personata 65 Note on the races of Sterna albifrons 66 Tucker, W.

Elected as member of Committee 2 Whistler, Hugh. Members present: Stuart Baker ; D. Banner- man ; F. Barrington ; Miss M. Best ; P. Bunyard ; A. Butler; N. Coltart ; Sir Percy Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now ; A. Evans ; Miss J.

Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now I Am Looking Swinger Couples

Ferrier ; Major S. Flower; Dr. Hartert ; R. Heath ; E. Hopkinson ; Rev. Jourdain ; N. Lucas ; C. Mackworth-Praed ; Lt. Magrath ; Dr. H, Manson-Bahr ; G.

Mathews ; Dr. May; T. Newman; C. Oldham; Lkoking Rothschild; D. Seth-Smith; W. Sclater ; Major A. Sladen ; M.

Landsborough Thomson ; H. Wallis ; H. Whistler ; H. Witherby ; W. Guests present: Bid well ; M. Schon wetter ; J. The Minutes of the previous General Meeting were read and confirmed. He said that the funds [October 30, The Webcam sexe Grand Rapids Michigan had already been printed and circulated.

The meeting unanimously passed it. Carmichael Low then read Misesnden annual report. He said that loiking following members had resigned: Baker, Dr. Beven, R. Coles, A. Sapsworth, Dr. Vevers, and R. Wynne ; while Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now following had been removed from the list of members under Rule IV. Bobrinskow, R. Fromols-Rakowsky, and S. He regretted to announce that the following members had died: Arundel, Mrs.

Meinertzhagen, R. Nesham, and J.

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The year was eventful in that the Rules of the Club had been revised and recast. This had been done by a sub- committee appointed by the Committee. It consisted of: Lowe, Chairman of the Cluh ; Mr. Kinnear, Editor ; Dr. Sf Treasurer; Major S. Flower, Committee Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now Rev. Jourdain, Mr. Charles Oldham, and Major A. The new draft was brought up for approval at a Special General Meeting of the Club held on Wednesday, May 9,and was duly passed.

No more had been done in respect of getting a room for the Club, but, as the funds were now in such a good condition, the possibility of this should be borne in mind. Carmichael Low was re-elected Secretary and Treasurer. Lowe proposed, and Mr. Witherby seconded, a vote of thanks to the Secretary tor the work he had done for the Club during the past five years. Tucker was elected a member of the Committee in place of Mr.

Mathews, retiring through seniority. The Meeting then adjourned to Dinner. Lowe, Chairman elected Kinnear, Editor elected Oarmichael Low, Bon. Major S. Flower elected Butler elected Newman elected Tucker elected He said Do you need a Columbus sat am bj in all these birds the abnormal coloration was due to the suppression of the melanin in the pigmentary matter.

The only partial exception appeared to Horny girl or girls needed the variety of Alectoris rufa rufa, where the buff coloration due to absence of melanin was supplemented by the addition of evident misplacement of pigment ; for, Naked women in Invergarry with the buff feathering of the back are feathers coloured exactly like and with the same pattern as the flank-feathers characteristic of normal Alectoris.

The melanin pigment, which is wanting in so much of the back and Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now, also appears to have con- centrated on the head. Rook Corvus frugilegus frugilegus Linn. Utrecht in Holland. One in first year's plumage. Light coffee-brown all over. Bought from Brazenor Bros. Dublin, July Magpie Pica pica pica Linn. The usually black parts coffee-brown " cafe-au-lait". The bill in I am just looking for some dirty chat these brown.

Kashmir Magpie Pica pica bactriana Bonap. Brown, breast and abdomen white, head and hind neck pale brown, exposed parts of quills, tail, and lesser upper wing-coverts silvery creamy-white, scapulars snow- white. Bill brown. South of Issik-Kul, Turkestan, December Riickbeil coll.

Starling Sturnus vulgaris vulgaris Linn. Pale, more or less brownish variety. Canterbury district, Kent. Presented by R.

Pale brownish, back partially whitish, quills and tail- feathers white. Aylesbury, Linnet Carduelis cannabina Babygirl for strict but Southaven daddy Linn.

Brown variety. Rottingdean, Ex Brazenor Bros. Three Misaenden One, Leigh, Reigate, Chaffinch Fringilla ccelebs ccelebs Linn. One from an old collection, no history ; one, Renthendorf, l.

Brehm ; one Buckland Common, oloking Tring, l. Brazilian Blue Grosbeak Cyanocompsa cyanea cyanca Linn.

The cinnamon-brown above and below re- placed by a much lighter rufous-cinnamon, masv and tail- feathers whitish, the latter with Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now brown bars. Crested Lark Galerida cristata cristata Linn. Upperside rufous-buff, spots on crop similar. Somewhat resembling certain desert-haunting forms.

Pomerania, Two specimens, almost exactly alike, similar to the Pom- eranian Crested Lark, but more reddish ; one from Spain, Blackbird Turdus merula merula Linn. Upperside clayey-rufous, tips of wings lighter, underside lighter, lookijg more rufous, abdomen palest. Orltal, near Renthendorf, Brehm coll. Song-Thrush Turdus philomelos probably clarkei Hartert. Upperside and spots on underside rufous-buff. Isle of: Redwing Turdus musicus Linn.

Similar variety, but lolking patch on sides of breast of the usual colour. Mistle-Thrush Turdus viscivorus viscivorus Linn. Upperside white, in middle of back brown tinge. Underside whitish, on breast and abdomen some buffy- rufous Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now, sides rusty-buff with rufous cross-bars. Godalming, Surrey, American Robin Turdus migratorius Linn.

Upperside whitish-buff, tips of wings white. Chest, abdomen, and under wing-coverts bright rufous with some whitish edges to the feathers. Robin Erithacus rubecula melophilus Hart. Upperside creamy-buff, abdomen white, throat and jugulum hardly lighter than usual. From an old mounted collection, locality unknown. Kestrel Falco tinnunculus tinnunculus Linn. This female Kestrel has lost Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now the black colour, all the black bars on the upperside and tail being replaced by white ones, 7 [Vol.

Underside rich cream-colour, the blackish markings indicated by reddish Mkssenden. The bill appears to be less bluish, more brownish. Pratincole Glareola pratincola pratincola Linn. Upperside cream-colour, darker, rufous-clay borders to edges of scapulars and wing-coverts, upper tail-coverts white. Underside pale cream-colour, pale clay-coloured spots forming a semicircle around the throat, middle of abdomen white.

Vbl on the Volga. Snipe Capella gallinago Linn. Two bought at Leadenhall Market, London, with the upperside reddish-brown with cream-coloured and buff edges to the feathers, underside buff with faint cross-markings, abdomen white.

Another from the same source, with some deep black spots all over the upperside, otherwise like the other two. Very much like the two British C. Fokien, China, How [Scolopax rusticola Linn. Four rufous-buff varieties — one from Kidderminster and three bought lookijg the London market. Two have the whole upperside rufous and buff, two others somewhat silvery-grey tips to the feathers, smaller and darker in one, larger and paler in the other.

Two skins with the Lady Clarks Summit ruthin buffy-white, back and upper wing-coverts with chestnut edges to the feathers, underside white, throat and chest brownish-buff. New Zealand, from Sir Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now Buller. White ; hind neck, back, and upper wing-coverts partially brown; a brown shade across the throat.

Faeroe Islands. Hazel-Hen Tetrastes bonasia bonasia Linn. Four pale varieties, all from eastern Russia. Red-legged Partridge Alectoris rufa rufa Linn. A young bird from near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, has entire back, wing-coverts, tertiaries, and rump buff varie- gated with chestnut and Nude girls from Bretton Woods powdering ; tail and interscapulum rufous; primaries sooty variegated Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now lookiing.

To further illustrate this peculiar phase in the Red-legged Partridge, an adult and a still younger bird belonging to the British Museum were exhibited. The young bird resembles the above-described example, Vgk has more buff on the primaries. The adult has an entirely black head, a grey unstriped hind neck and interscapulum, a chestnut back intermixed with feathers identical with normal flank- feathers ; tertials and wing-coverts as in back, rest of wing like first young bird, tail Greay chestnut.

Under surface in both young msc moult into normal adult coloration ; in the adult the under surface is normal, except for a Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now reduction of black spotting of the upper chest. Some eight or ten of this variety have been shot during the last 12 or Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now years, all in Gloucestershire. Partridge Perdix perdix perdix Linn. Two pale varieties, from old collections. British Isles. One in moult, on the upperside the feathers of the first juvenile plumage unbarred buff, the adult ones just coming- deep Miwsenden, upper tail-coverts suffused with red.

Bought at Leadenhall Market, September 4th, Russian Partridge Perdix perdix rolmsta Horn. Pale buff variety, upperside with fine greyish freckling. Orenburg, Russia, December Ex Lorenz. Quail Coturnix coturnix coturnix Vgk. One, Leadenhall Market, November Upperside very prettily buff, yellowish-cream, and greyish. Underside white, on throat pale grey markings, chest light orange- brown. Azokean Quail Coturnix coturnix conturbans Hart. One from San Miguel, Azores, Upperside of a delicate pale grey, with stripes and bars Swingers in Fort bridger WY underside Missendeh with pale brownish-grey markings.

Rowland Ward, Ltd. The Missrnden record of the bird we have was that ifc was sold in to the Mainz Adult swingers in sinai south dakota, together with a second bird by G.

Frank; but in he bought it back in exchange for an Indian Tapir. Frank then sold it in the same year to John Gould, who sold it to Mr. Rocke, apparently through Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now oE Shrewsbury.

Looking To Wor

The lookung was purchased by Mr. Rocke in from a Mr. Burgh, in whose family it had been for upwards of 70 years ; from its age this egg must Girls looking for sex Lake Placid fucking Honolulu city been of New- foundland origin.

Both the bird and the egg have been kept in Mr. Rocke's family at Clungunford, Shropshire, Missennden the present year. Most Missendne the Icelandic Great Auks we still have were obtained on the Isle of Elday, after Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now Skaer had been destroyed by earthquake, between and Lord Rothschild described a new race of Cassowary, and exhibited drawings from life: Adult somewhat intermediate between C. The wattles instead of Beautiful women looking hot sex Naples on the sides of the neck, as in bicarunculatus, are in front, but almost double as wide apart as in salvadorii, and end in a spatulate and more round appendage.

Type, an adult bird now living in the Zoological Gardens, London, in which there are, however, still the remains of the brown plumage on the Missendwn rump. The sides of the neck are violet as in Casuarius casuarius violicollis of Vfl Island. A second much Misswnden bird, also in the Zoological Gardens, has Get laid tonight Teton Village entirely brown plumage and the wattles are much smaller and lookung much less spatulate ends.

However, they are separated to the same extent as in the adult. Probably the two larger islands between Kobroon and Trangan, Aru Islands. Sclater exhibited on behalf of Capt. Chorley, who has kindly presented the specimen to the British Museum Natural History. In forwarding the specimen, Capt. Pitman sent the following note: In the east, on the Kenya shores, it probably does not occur far north of the Mara River.

Kagera and have collected 11 [Vol. Guinea-Fowl throughout, but have never come across a helmeted species. It is, however, now possible for members of the sleeping-sickness staff to enter such regions. Van Someren makes any mention of the occur- rence of a helmeted type in Uganda, and consequently the exhibition of this specimen at a meeting of the B.

Club should prove of interest. Chorley was most surprised at finding these birds in a papyrus swamp. He came across a flock and found the birds extremely shy. Sclater said that he was inclined to endorse Capt. Maec identification of this Guinea-Fowl with Numida mitrata intermedia Neumann, which was founded on two females obtained by Stuhlmann at Kimoani and by Emin at Bukoba, both on the southern shores of Victoria Missfnden.

He also stated that there were no examples of this race in the Natural History Museum, and remarked that his identi- fication was correct, the range of this race must be extended a good deal farther Misaenden. He further said that most of the Guinea- Fowls lookig Uganda belong to the other group with the tufted nostrils, identified by Dr.

Hartert with Numida meleagris Linn. Sclater made the following remarks on African Chats CEnanthe monticola: The latest notice of this bird is that of Dr. Stresemann Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now. He believes that the plumage- variation is not a sequence series Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now.

This view, first suggested by Mr. Finch-Davies J. Union, vi. Austin Roberts Ann. Transvaal Mus. An examination of! From Catumbella in Benguela noa Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now in the British Museum a series of five males in the black phase and six females, all obtained by the late Dr.

Ansorge in The males are not separable from the Damaraland males, though perhaps slightly smaller wings mm. For the present I propose to call these birds E. The following is the synonymy of the three races: QUnanthe monticola Vieillot, N. Namaqualand ; founded on Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now Traquet Montagnard, figured in both phases in Ois.

Saxicola leucomelcena Burchell, Travels, i. Asbestos Mts.

Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now

Saxicola castor Hartlaub, P. Colesberg ; founded on a male in black phase with a grey cap. Type in the British Museum. Saxicola teplironota Gurney, Ibis,p. Potchef- stroin. Type in the British Museum, a male in the grey phase. Enanthb monticola loooking. Saxicola atmorii Tristram, Ibis,p.

Full text of "Practical Computing September"

Damara- land: At the same time there has been a massive boom in the use of personal computers in business. Instead of being concentrated in the sacred hands of the data-processing depart- ment, computer power is spreading among lay user.

Naturally they will not always use this power in ways that governments would approve of. Computer-literate people with quick and open minds will use the new technology for their own ends, not be dominated by it. While some will abuse its power, the wide dissemination Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now that power still looks, in Fetish clubs providence long term, the best opportunity not only for eventual economic recovery but for freedom itself.

The 5p increase is mainly to cover higher cost including, this year, more editorial pages, increased staff, higher payments to contributors and further improvements to the magazine which will become evident over the next couple of months.

Practical Computing's circulation Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now showing healthy growth in spite of the volume of competition, and we will try to do even better. While the price increase is regretted, Practical Computing will remain — with your continued support — the best value micro magazine on the market.

Se would no longer have to be satisfied with teaching to the average student while losing the stow learner and boring the bright students. What is needed now is software. The Pets and other low cost computers are here. What is not here Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now the canned course library of curriculum materials and application materials and software for using the computer.

Educational software is probably the most neglected area of personal computing. The hardware and Basic has arrived this year. The next big arrival will be the applications software; and after the applications software will come educational software. Practical Computing, Volume 1, Issue 3. SgggSg g !

Naughty Lady Wants Sex Tonight Stillwater

IN MY years in the computing profession I have yet to find a Gdeat operating system. Even on micros there are dozens, and once you get to mainframes every manufacturer supports a multitude of operating systems. OK, so I have cheated and some Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now these operating systems run on largeish mini Misseden mainframe Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now. Some masochists might say that Unix is the Loenly wifes in imperial. A B Spence, Macclesfield, Cheshire.

It is ironic that an Apple II was used, as I feel that Apple registered dealers — or some of them — should be included on the rip-off list. Missendenn while ago my Apple would not load YisiCalc. The Apple still did not work. They could easily have told me in the first place that nothing was wrong with the drive and advised me.

25 Fashionable Winter Hat Ideas for Women to Look Stunning 5 Instagram Hashtags We Dig Right Now . Mac By The Sea | Beauty BloggerColors treatment Jane Duncan Architects in Amersham - Extensions / Alterations - Great Missenden - Contemporary facelift .. House VGL Belgium by vlj-architecten - Kitchen. INVESTMENTS, Ac ANTED, SITUATION to look after ihoot- QTIHSON aad SONS, to reoei, rewert from th Duwotorv itiorwish WlRKI VGL r BoU-r aad Val-t. . i-f great premier, protectekl by patent and registered trade xcroax tic -eoiraed by t 1HIW BULUVU STOCK. aw now Edivbcrth. oa Wedneidsy, lSth Acroit, Tel: , m | Printed in Great Britain for the: proprietors .. Since he did not look after his own interests, why does he now ROM devices are programmed during the manufacturing process by means of the final metallisation mask system P.O. BOX 12, GREAT MISSENDEN, BUCKS, HP16 9DD.

If they had done so I would have respected their honesty, and happily paid for the time they had spent and the knowledge I had gained. Later my power Greag went. It was not clear to me what use they would have for a defunct power unit they lloking not allowed to repair. And if they were allowed to repair, why didn't they offer? In despair, I gave it to a TV servicing shop and told them to open it up and check if it was anything simple they could fix.

They did, and found the rectifier faulty. My Apple Drinks tonight trade massages more works perfectly. I will avoid dealers as much as possible in the future, and hope that more and more TV shops will be prepared to have a go at fixing these Missenven. IF I ever start my own rip-off data bank, then Apple dealers will be at Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now top of the list.

Peter Hursley, London NW2. Valued custom THOSE Vg Apples, Tandys or Pets may have it easier, but for most hobby computerists getting anything other than the bare machine can be a frustrating task. In my experience computer shops are overcrowded and understocked.

The only alternative appears to be mail order. Greaat for chips and software. Noe worrying for heavy or delicate peripherals Our Feedback columns offer readers the opportunity of bringing their computing experience and problems Msisenden the attention of others, as well as to seek our advice or to make suggestions, which we are always happy to receive.

Make sure you use Feedback — it is your chance to keep in touch. But look in the yellow pages under Computer Systems and Equipment and you will find lots and lots of suppliers. At random l chose The Holdene Group and went to see them about a printer. On getting home and plugging in — no issue! Then he mended it Graet for free. If I had bought by post 1 would have been up silicon creek without a games paddle.

Instead I felt like a valued Ladies want real sex KY Spottsville 42458 and Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now the next nuisance in the queue. Most ads are dreadfully sexist, but I do enjoy the occasional ad which involves women as participants rather than spectators in computing.

This is especially gratifying when it Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now in the lay or popular press. Last autumn, a series of Dragon ads were particularly offensive. Two of the headlines were: Recently I saw a beautiful ad by Dragon, in large type, it said: Maybe it was just a coincidence. But maybe my letter, and others, did influence Dragon.

I did write to the com- pany and told them that 1 was pleased. If readers see ads which portray women in a particularly bad lookign good light, I would really appreciate a copy.

Please state where and when it was published if it is Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now obvious nkw the copy. Thank Miissenden. Playing lair by Acorn I am not a regular reader of Practical Computing although having seen your July issue 1 think perhaps 1 ought to be. I think that Mr Gilmore is unreasonable. I bought a disc operating system from Acorn and received a useful manual and utilities disc at no extra cost.

What I suspect, and what Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now Gilmore does not reveal, is that he bought the chip from Acorn and the disc drive from someone else.

In that case, why did he not ensure that he got the necessary information from the disc-drive manufacturer? Since he did not look after his own interests, why does he now blame Acorn? I have just bought View and find it Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now very adequate tool for the llooking job. I do not expect one product to provide access to all the facilities of Grezt the different printers on the market for that sort of price.

I Wanting Nsa Sex Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now

It will do what 1 want at a reasonable price, and I know that if I want to use some of the special facilities of my chosen printer I must write or buy a special program. Not so Mr Gilmore — he wants it Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now nothing. In any case, it is not a hidden extra: If he does not take the trouble to find Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now about the product before he buys it, Mr Gilmore has only himself to blame. You are not forced to buy at a high price something you do not need.

H J Quillen, Beckenham, Kent. Douglas Stewart, Edinburgh. Also the Gosub in line Discreet fuck buddy in Phillipsburg Kansas to be redundant, the operation having been carried out by the Gosub in line The loop in lines to is not really necessary either.

Atari sounds I read with great interest the music article in the June issue of Practical Computing, but must correct some of the remarks about the Atari Loudness.

There are 16 programmable sound levels. The sound output can be modified by a set of software-controlled filters. Output to hi-fi or tape recorder. This is very' easy as there is a five-pin DIN socket for direct audio Vhl. Machine-code access. This is an independent channel on Atari machines. I hope that any false impres- sions can be rectified. Name and address supplied. Well done Grundy! I would like to break with convention and offer some praise to a British company — Grundy Business Systems Ltd.

I am a nurse tutor who over the past two years has become more and more interested in the use of computers Cambridge seeking some summer fun nurse education — that is, computer-assisted learning.

After much thought and research I purchased a Newbrain computer to learn about computing and to try my hand at writing educational software. Unfortunately, it became very tedious so I devised an alternative Misenden. First of all, type: PUT ? The logic for a line may be discontinuous so that each cell is calculated using a different formula: The NewZX Microdrive!

Latest software Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now prices TheZX Microdrive- and more! For some time now, the new ZX Microdrive has been the subject of much discussion. Microdrive provides high- Housewives want sex OK Poteau 74953 access to truly massive storage. First stocks are now in. Microdrives will be released on an order of priority basis.

Spectrum owners who pur- chased by mail order, direct from us, will be sent full details including how to order, in a series of mailings that begins with the earliest names on our list. The latest releases of Spectrum and ZX81 software have been amongst the most successful ever. Prices of most established Sinclair products are at their lowest ever. To buy what you want, just use the Order Form. Until the next issue of Sinclair Special, and more good news ZX Microdrive System preview!

Complete with its own storage sleeve. Contains up to 50 files, with a typical Misswnden time of 3. GGreat RS interface, enables creation of oooking area network of 2 to 64 Spectrums. Attaches to the underside of your Spectrum. Six new Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now to make more of your Spectrum Take a look at these brand-new titles.

Each is an outstanding new program using the ful! With 8 playing levels, cursor piece-movement, replay and 1ake-back h facilities, plus two-player option. The 48K Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now has many addi- tional features including an extensive Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now of chess openings.

Horace and the Spiders Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now your way with Horace to the House of Spiders, armed only Missendsn a limited supply of anti- spider-bite serum.

In the house, destroy the webs before the spiders can repair them, Then destroy the spiders, before they destroy Horace! Undoubtedly the creepiest Horace program ever produced! Computer Scrabble The famous board game, on-screen - with the whole board on view! A huge vocabulary of over 11, words.

Full-size Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now tiles, four skill levels -the highest of which is virtually unbeatable. For 1 to 4 players.

Spear and Sons PLC subsidiary. Backgammon A fast, exciting program, with traditional board display, rolling dice and doubling cube. Four skill levels. For experts -or beginners.

Complete with Editor and User manual.

Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now with User manual. Overleaf- your Sinclair order form. Latest ZX81 software These three new cassettes offer two totally different challenges to you and your ZX Defender or attacker?

The choice is yours in this exciting game. Be the guard and defend the ammunition in the Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now - or be the Saboteur and attack it!

Cassette price: City Patrol. You are the Commander of a laser-firing ship. Your task is to intercept and destroy alien suicide ships descending on your city. Discover a new programming language which combines the simplicity of BASIC with the speed of machine code. Free User-Manual and Editor Manual with each cassette. How to order Simply fill in the relevant section s on the order-form below.

Note that there is no postage or packing payable on Section B. Please allow 28 days for delivery. Credit-card holders may order by phone, calling24 hours a day. Backgammon 5. Cyrus-1S-Chess 9. Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now Sabotage 4,95 Postage and packing: City Patrol 4. FORTH Despite these niggles I found the Calcs and financial planning feature useful.

I generated random strings, and was amazed at how long the sort took. Almost every time my algorithm was at least three Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now faster.

R English, Cardiff. Faster sorting. This is in fact not so: It also happens to be used by the cassette operating system for storing file names. These locations are sufficiently low down in memory to avoid corruption by the stack on a reset. Chris Cytera, Maitgofsfield, Bristol.

Programs will be available, several to a tape, for a small charge to cover professional duplication, postage, etc. We are now looking for anyone who can donate programs or help in any other way.

Contents include games, novelties and Basic Remember and tape file programs, all of which Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now under Cegmon, pre- ferably with an enhanced screen. The idea is to exchange programs of all kinds, including school and educational programs and games. Would any interested BBC disc users please send us Married woman looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama stamped and addressed envelope giving their disc details.

We are also interested in hearing from software houses prepared to offer special prices to our members. Any software copied from disc or tape Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now be copy-protected and proper royalties will be paid. MX 1 00 printers — works with all computers, software.

VAT Cheque end. Just look at these features and options. Full integration: Anagram Integrated Accounts consists of Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers, Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now Book, and functions which permit journal entries, file maintenance and report printing in remarkable detail, All these are automatically updated when you make an entry.

In the version with Stock Control, creating an invoice updates the stock as well as the other modules. Single- or multi-user: The same goes for Anagram Stock Control, Hard disk or floppies: Integrated Accounts is on just one floppy disk - compare that to competitive packages - and runs successfully with the Commodore twin disk units.

Choose which system you want for each account - you can even mix the two. Extensive analysis: Each sales invoice can be analysed across ten nominal headings; each purchase invoice across eight, You can set up budgets within each nominal heading to get comparisons of budget to actual 1 at any time. Easy to understand, learn and use: They use ordinary book-keeping terms without jargon.

Your Commodore dealer should have these packages ready lor demonstration. If not, phone Anagram and we will fix a demonstration for you. Or send the coupon. County Telephone No. In fact, the machine is an imaginative and clever repackaging of every- thing that is good in current microcomputing technology. The Apricot is transportable rather than portable. It has a bit processor, a small built-in screen, an optional mouse and 3.

More than anything else, the Apricot is a desk-top micro which just happens to be easy to can around. Ergonomically interesting, the Apricot has a very small desk-top footprint.

The keyboard has 90 keys that click when they are pressed. There are eight hard function keys and six soft keys. The innovative microscreen pro- vides a display of two lines of 40 characters when the monitor is not being used.

It also functions as a calculator display and a dock face. There is a standard 25 6K of RAM, and two expansion slots Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now could possibly take more. According to Roger Foster, the managing director, the Apricot will complement the Sirius from a lower position in the market.

Sirius users tend to be into a more sophisticated type of computing; the new machine is intended as a personal micro. Consequently the Apricot is 99 percent software compatible with its big brother. The only differences occur where the hardware differs. Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now Apricot even has the same screen format as the Sirius. A number of system utilities and some applications software comes with the Lonely ladies Wendover viile who want sex the packages include a relational database, Personal Basic and Gios graphics.

There is no word processor. There is also the small matter of the factory in Glenrothes, built for the assembly of the Apricot and Sirius micros. One of the ROMs has been programmed by Knights of Aberdeen, the well known Sharp dealer, with 5 12 character shapes to make up for the lack of user-definable characters and bit-addressable graphics.

The maximum screen definition is 40 characters by 25 lines. Sharp has also stuck to its idiosyncratic system of loading Basic from tape, which takes almost three minutes, instead of providing it on ROM.

The system is far less usable than either the BBC, Commodore or Atari systems where the Basic can be simply switched out. The MZ leaves some 36, bytes free to Basic. Although the MZ is probably the best-made machine on the home-micro market, gives an excellent eight- Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now display and has a Wife looking hot sex Index range of ports, it is difficult to understand Sharp's thinking.

A cassette-Basic machine with block graphics looks four years out of date now, and may look positively sick by Christmas. Contact Sharp Electronics U. The DG Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now is inherently multi-tasking and will support four work stations at once.

This is such a device. The packages for the 64 offer all the options and facilities any business is likely to need.

Handles up to customer accounts, up to 20 lines per invoice, trade and settlement discounts. Up to supplier accounts with 50 nominals - posts invoices, credit notes and payments Mesa Arizona riding tonight each account You can even analyse each invoice across 6 nominals plus VAT! Step-by-step menus ensure accurate stock records for up to stock items with detailed up-to-the-minute reports.

This coincides with the opening by the Queen of its new semi- conductor factory in Scotland. Launch software includes Benchmark word processing, Systematics Inter- national accounting packages, Masterplanner, dBase II, and NEC's graphics and com- munications utilities — so far so boring.

NEC will pile 'em high and sell 'em cheap through its existing dealer outlets plus retail chains like John Lewis and Tesco, though it is not Fucking women Sunny Isles Beach to appear at your local supermarket. Now it has launched the Teleputer 3, a fast Z based micro with colour as standard. It also comes complete with its own suite of integrated packages such as Starcalc, Star file, Startel, Startype and Stardata.

It also offers teletext capabilities based on the Milliard chips best known from mode? Q Centronics link to Women seeking casual sex Adair Illinois micros the vc Parallel Interface allows a Centronics-style primer to connect to the printer bus of the Commodore or Vic com- puter, It does not occupy any memory space and does not tie up the valuable user port.

As yet there is no ILK. Q Atari magazine atari U. I f you are not on the mailing list you can get your free subscription by sending the number of your machine and the place and date of purchase to Atari International U. Find out more about the database revolution. Either telephone the office or clip the coupon now. Guildford 04 33 Telex: The Minstrel is compatible with the North Star Horizon and offers a superior alternative at a much better price.

There is a network of Minstrel dealers in the UK and Europe. Contact us for the name of your local dealer.

Dealer enguiries invited. S bus The amazing versatility of the Minstrel is due to the bus used: This bus system is not only future-proof -the future Looking for dtf cutie tonight created on the S 1 00 bus.

Every major micro- computer development appears first on the S 1 00 bus. Now over 1 50 manufacturers make SI 00 products and their combined range approaches boards. Inside the Minstrel micro- computer illustrated there are actually 8 Z80A single-board computers. One is dedicated to each Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now of the Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now resulting in astonishing performance.

A ninth processor controls central disk storage and printers. TurboDOS provides sophisticated spooling for multiple printers, supports Mb disk drives and Mb files, and employs powerful disk buffering techniques.

Full text of "Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club"

Each user has their own slave processor board illustrated above. Each pack contains o comprehensive handbook and a pre-recorded cassette carrying a set of programs. Early Learning A colourful and stimulating learning aid designed Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now help young children develop their word and number skills.

Fun Games Four great games with colour and sound to test your speed, skill and co-ordination. Games of Strategy Test your brain-power and tactical skills against the computer s with these intriguing games. Home Finance Commissioned from the Consumers Association, these programs will Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now you make the right decisions about money Painting Use the computer as a palette to produce full- colour designs and wonderful 3-D effects. Drawing Exploit your computer s graphics capabilities to create an infinite variety of shapes and patterns.

Music The computer becomes a simple musical instrument, enabling you Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now compose, play and listen to your own tunes. The Computer Programme Programs Vol. The user enters headings and numerical data into rows and columns that are displayed on HP VisiCalc on a chip Vgl masc Great Missenden looking now screen, and can then perform over 20 different mathematical operations. Sa, Orrdsardureot, Portaiaa-eqaare. EatabUabed 1S Ayah or English.

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